This blog has become something else, somewhere else…

Hi Everyone,

I’m back to blogging on a regular basis (for now, haaaa). I bought a domain but my lazy butt is having blogger host it for free (and easy). My Little Fawn is now My Indie Charlotte.

I’m not possessive, in case you’re wondering why I’m all about the “My” in my blog names. I wanted just “” but that shit was taken (and it’s just parked. No, I did not to try to bid for it).

Anyway My Indie Charlotte is the same ol’ style, but a little less Brooke-serious, and way more community-oriented.

I’m trying to keep things positive and light on My Indie Charlotte.  I share my real shit with my favorite tree and other forest friends in a place never to been seen.


P.S. If you’re following my tumblr you may have seen a link for the tumblr version of My Indie Charlotte…which was basically My Indie Charlotte Version 1.0. There are just a couple posts on there and I’m moving them over to their new home soon…


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Found Friday

+ Although this article doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know, it’s still fun to say, “Hey that sounds like my husband (the iDad)!” And, “Hey that sounds like my own dad (the Don Draper)!” For the record, I love both kinds of fathers.

+ Via FreePeople: The Documerica Project, a series chronicling life in the 70s on behalf of the EPA is available for viewing on Flickr. The freelance photographers who contributed to the project took the most socio-amazing pictures.

+ Isn’t this custom font the prettiest design ever?

+ Oh this picture just made my day. Clinton + Carlos = Good Times. Thanks for all you’ve done, boys!

+ I am such a geek.  If I ever won the lottery that I don’t play I would totally splurge on 3 things: a fountain drink machine, a big outdoor heating lamp, and unlimited pop culture nostalgia.

+ I leave you with: The Cultural Relevance of the Wu.

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Turquoise Shmurquoise

If I had known I was going to quit my job and go back to school, I probably would have saved up a little bit. But I didn’t. At all. Since coming off  maternity leave in February I have spent every penny I made, specifically on turquoise-colored items. I have a problem.

I’ve been into a certain shade of turquoise-“vintage turquoise”-as I describe it, which has prompted me to invest in a 1960s turquoise rotary phone, a turquoise tea pot, a turquoise lamp, turquoise vases, turquoise nail polish, and several turquoise tees. There’s more but the list could drag on a while. I’m pretty sure I need an intervention and even my friend Tasha has tried to help me:

Me: holding up 2 of the same blouses Which one should I get, the pink or the turquoise?
Tasha: Um, you’ve been wearing a lot of turquoise lately, so maybe the pink?
Me: You’re right. This is a nice shade of pink too.
15 minutes later
Me: So I decided to put the pink back and get the turquoise. I thought about it and I  own a lot of pink, so I should probably get the turquoise.
Tasha: gives up, ponders whether to talk to me ever again

I do this every year: I obsess over a certain color then decide one day it gets on my nerves and I drop it. This is evident by the large amount of lavender decor in our apartment. We moved in last August along with my pastel purple obession I had at the time. Now every day I stare at my lavender curtains in the living room wondering if there’s something more for me out there.

And there is. It’s called put the debit card away and bust out the books. There’s grad school on the horizon, hello!!

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This way…

Aisland will be 6 months at the end of  June and I can safely say that things have calmed down a lot. Even though she’s about to embark on eating mushy vegetables (I tried giving her rice cereal via spoon last month and she didn’t go for it so she’s still taking it through a bottle) and the thought of planning an entirely new diet for her kinda freaks me out, my brain has chilled out a lot.

I recently made some life-changing decisions that I believe will help our whole family out.  I’ll be home full-time now and not have to worry about a spastic retail schedule that screws up our household routine. I’m looking forward to what’s ahead for us.

I have a lot more to share but now it’s time to throw some rice stuff into a bottle…

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Shot of Happiness Monday

8 things making me happy today, featuring: the wisdom of Demitri Martin, a coloring book wall, the proper way to leave, window offerings, a unicorn tat keepin it real, purple walls for Tiffany, a shark meme, and the road to Texas (coming in April?)

Sources: Simply Hue Motley Photos WeHeartIt

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Guess What, Lil Miss Doesn’t Want To Sleep In Her Crib…

Yeah, it's going down. Tonight!

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Shots of Happiness Weekend Edition

I’m behind on everything but that’s ok  ’cause I have a cute baby. Yeah. Straight up.

10 things making me happy this weekend, featuring: shelves that tell stories, the tao of Peanuts, the best Photoshop’d picture ever, small apartments, happy knees, listening to the Monkees to put my baby to sleep, tall buildings, the tao of silent films, and front porches.

Sources: WeHeartIt bluebird thickculture love pop suicide FFFFOUND don’t forget to fly decor8 lumierefl

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