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This way…

Aisland will be 6 months at the end of  June and I can safely say that things have calmed down a lot. Even though she’s about to embark on eating mushy vegetables (I tried giving her rice cereal via spoon last month and she didn’t go for it so she’s still taking it through a bottle) and the thought of planning an entirely new diet for her kinda freaks me out, my brain has chilled out a lot.

I recently made some life-changing decisions that I believe will help our whole family out.  I’ll be home full-time now and not have to worry about a spastic retail schedule that screws up our household routine. I’m looking forward to what’s ahead for us.

I have a lot more to share but now it’s time to throw some rice stuff into a bottle…


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Guess What, Lil Miss Doesn’t Want To Sleep In Her Crib…

Yeah, it's going down. Tonight!

February 10, 2010 at 5:02 pm 3 comments

The Worst Was the Best

I got you real good, Suckas!

This week was by far the most challenging since becoming a mother.  I had no idea Week 5 of Babydom would bring so many changes. Aisland decided to change from a newborn to an older cat overnight. Literally. Last Saturday we had our routine down and I knew exactly what to expect from her and when. The next day she threw that routine out. Now she no longer sleeps right after I feed her. She stays awake longer, eats more and demands more.  Last night (this morning) she fought falling asleep until 6am. But she also smiles more, laughs more and when she does finally fall asleep, it’s for a longer stretch–which is nice for Mommy!

I was so exhausted this week I skipped over a bunch of things that needed to get done. On Joshua’s day off my parents were more than happy to watch Aisland so we could run errands.  Of course I have never been able to get my priorities straight, so instead of taking a much needed nap or writing thank you cards or going to the bank I went shopping then out for a drink.  Joshua and I couldn’t stay away from Henry for long, and we were back to get her by 9pm.

I made it through this tough week and I know there will be more but I have so much to look forward to as well. My 6-weeks-of-post-op-take-it-easy rest is coming to an end and at the perfect time. Spring is coming and I’m excited to work out the rest of this scary baby flab and hang out at the park with Henryloo. I also found another place to set up my vintage goodies booth. I’ll only be selling on weekends but the space is bigger and much cheaper than Sleepy Poet. I’m 3rd in line on the waiting list and while that can mean weeks or months, I’m still ready and hyped to go whenever the space is available. Yeah!

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All I Need to Survive

Here’s what I’ve found out about myself since becoming a mommy: I can manage without sleep, without a shower, without a heater, and without going outside for days on end–BUT if my baby is unhappy for too long or my coffee maker stops working I will probably flip out.

1. Harvey Karp’s The Happiest Baby on the Block was a lifesaver for me once Aisland entered Fussy For No Reason Land.  I was already instinctively doing the 5 “S’s”  Karp recommends to calm her but there are lots of little tips the book has given me that has made THAT TIME OF DAY much, much easier.

2. My beloved Aveeno Ultra-Calming Moisturizer is the only constant in my life. I don’t know how long my baby will sleep or when I’ll get a chance to shower, but I know that everyday I can go into my bathroom and the best moisturizer in the world will be there to freshen my face and help me feel less drabby.

3. The other day the coffee maker had issues and my Dunkin’ Donuts Hazelnut Blend was ruined halfway through brewing.  I Charlie Brown-walked back to the living room and pouted. Joshua fixed the coffee maker as soon as he woke up but I still so traumatized I refused to drink coffee for about, oh um, 2 days. Going without the DD didn’t last long but now I treat the coffee maker like it’s my other child.

So yeah, I’m one of those people who say, “Oh la-tee-da I never wanted kids. But then I had little Madison Ann Marie and I can’t imagine my life without her!” That is so true, Yo. Aisland turns 1 month this week and she is the shit and she knows it. There is a very good reason her father and I nicknamed her Henry (as in: King Henry VIII). She’s a little porker and she’s loud and demanding and gives people looks like she wants to behead them. She is definitely our daughter! Having a child has made me smarter, and not just because I google every mini-issue that comes up. I’ve learned to be more communicative, instinctive, practical, and logical. 30 days into motherhood I’m doing swell, but ask me again when she becomes a toddler or even worse, a tween, OH NOOOO.

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Things I Want My Daughter To Know, #2



“I want to make sure that every day I see someone that looks and acts different from me…to make sure I have the informal interactions with people that I believe ward away the fear of differences and the tendency to look the other way. I think it’s every person’s responsibility to expose themselves to as many different ways of life as possible. It’s part of being a good community member and a contributing citizen…I have no doubt in my mind that this country and all it has to offer belongs to all of us equally.”

-Tara Beard as quoted in Who’s Your City? by Richard Florida

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Favorite Places: Freedom Park

It was a perfect day at the park. I cannot wait until the trees start blooming though! Aisland was awake in her stroller cocoon (Oh Fair Skin Beb! How we must cover thee always!) as we walked around the lake but fell asleep as we made our way through the greenway to East Blvd. We sat outside Caribou as Joshua debated with himself about buying that damn condo in SouthPark we know belongs to us (it’s been on the market for more than a year and it has everything we need and want).

I’m so glad Aisland loves stroller adventures because there will be plenty of those with Mommy as the weather gets better! Staying inside 5 days a week is taking its toll on me…I need more Vitamin D!!

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Park Day, Yay!

Taken in '09-what a difference a year makes

The awful “Arctic Blast” has finally past and today we’re enjoying sunny, 60-degree weather. The boyfriend is off so we are going to attempt our first park adventure with the baby. Luckily, Aisland loves car rides and all sorts of movement so she should be amused. More importanly, it should quiet her fussing for a while. My poor little beb has been suffering from severe gas and while it can be funny to listen to her loud farts all day, it worries/breaks my heart to watch her squirm and fuss in discomfort. I’ve tried everything to calm her down but lately  the only thing that works is being walked (held) around our apartment. I think she just gets bored hanging around the same living room all day and needs more stimulation. Joshua said she’s “probably just a gypsy like her mother”, ha.

January 19, 2010 at 11:49 am 1 comment

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