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Inspiration: Vintage Stores

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Today I have good news, ok news, and awww damn news. A week after giving birth (via cesarean) I developed a painful infection in my uterus and had to stay in the hospital overnight for a 24-hour dose of antibiotics. Since then I’ve been getting better but this week the pain returned.  This time around the pain was more tolerable but not being able to hold Aisland for long periods of time was bumming me out. Today I saw my doctor and it looks like the infection has NOT returned…she poked and prodded me and said the pain was just discomfort from my uterus not yet fully descending. Oh silly Uterus! I never had female problems prior to giving birth so I don’t know why my insides just decided to give me hell. If my uterus was a cupcake, it would be the lopsided cupcake that had potential before being baked, then mysteriously came out half-formed. This whole ordeal may sound like a lot of drama but I’m just happy my beb continues to be healthy and my uterus-although a little slow on the return-is getting better.

In ok news: I was considering opening a booth at Sleepy Poet, the mecca of antique malls. “Antique” is a bad word for it because it’s more VINTAGE LA LA LOVE LAND than antiques. Most of the kitschy finds in my house come from there.  Sleepy Poet is 55,000 square feet of I’m-staying-here-all-day goodness and I want to be apart of it, dammit. Having a (vintage) boutique is a girly-girl’s dream but I’m not interested (read: don’t have the means) in opening a store so I figured a booth of goodies would be much more realistic. I spoke with someone from there today and unfortunately there is a very long waiting list for a booth. The waiting list is not first come, first serve, though–it’s more “Good Shit Comes First” and I would have to pimp my stuff if I want to get bumped up to the top. The person I spoke to recommended I set up a hypothetical booth in my house and take pictures to prove how great an asset I’d be. So we shall see. Since the waiting list is so long, it will give me time to buy the materials I need for a booth, like a mannequin, clothes rack, shelves, etc.  Fun, fun!

And finally: Aww, damn my heater isn’t working again.


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No Sleep Til Brooklyn

Oh hello Happy Days! Renegade Craft Fair is making its way to Austin this year and that makes me freakishly, creepishly excited. I would plan a trip to attend it in my precious Tejas but I’m afraid I’d never come back. There is just too much for me to do in the Hill Country, I would need to stay for a month and I know DaddyJoshua would miss his Mommy and beb too much. So this year it looks like we’ll attempt the RCF in Brooklyn. Joshua’s super cool aunt lives in Manhattan so that takes care of lodging. Plus, NYC is closer to us (2 hours by plane if no delay) so I’d have less to worry about–you never know if and when your baby might lose its shit on an airplane ride and I don’t want to be ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE.

Indie craft fairs are at the top of my list of Best Things On Earth. Last year My Big Fat Pregnant Ass didn’t make it to any so I definitely need to catch up this year.

I highly recommend the Athens Indie Craftravanganzaa held twice a year in Athens, GA.

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My Little Fawn a la Brooke

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