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Turquoise Shmurquoise

If I had known I was going to quit my job and go back to school, I probably would have saved up a little bit. But I didn’t. At all. Since coming off  maternity leave in February I have spent every penny I made, specifically on turquoise-colored items. I have a problem.

I’ve been into a certain shade of turquoise-“vintage turquoise”-as I describe it, which has prompted me to invest in a 1960s turquoise rotary phone, a turquoise tea pot, a turquoise lamp, turquoise vases, turquoise nail polish, and several turquoise tees. There’s more but the list could drag on a while. I’m pretty sure I need an intervention and even my friend Tasha has tried to help me:

Me: holding up 2 of the same blouses Which one should I get, the pink or the turquoise?
Tasha: Um, you’ve been wearing a lot of turquoise lately, so maybe the pink?
Me: You’re right. This is a nice shade of pink too.
15 minutes later
Me: So I decided to put the pink back and get the turquoise. I thought about it and I  own a lot of pink, so I should probably get the turquoise.
Tasha: gives up, ponders whether to talk to me ever again

I do this every year: I obsess over a certain color then decide one day it gets on my nerves and I drop it. This is evident by the large amount of lavender decor in our apartment. We moved in last August along with my pastel purple obession I had at the time. Now every day I stare at my lavender curtains in the living room wondering if there’s something more for me out there.

And there is. It’s called put the debit card away and bust out the books. There’s grad school on the horizon, hello!!


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DIY: Pen Holders

Remember last year when I was pregnant the entire time? Well in between the nausea, migraines, swelling, moodiness, and discomfort I did manage to do a couple projects. One of those projects was taping paper to soup cans and announcing, “EVERYONE IS GETTING ONE FOR CHRISTMAS!” (My mother ended up being the only receiver–thanks for appreciating your daughter’s work, Ma!)

Double-sided tape and a paper cutter are a crafty girl’s best friends.

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Inspiration: Teacups

Source: WeHeartIt

Our place is too small now, but eventually I would like to start collecting teacups.  I think I have an affinity for little objects, plus teacups are so colorful.  I saw an “antiqued” white hutch at Sleepy Poet a couple months back that I thought would be a perfect house for a future collection.  But again, there is just no room to stuff anymore of anything in our apartment.

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My Little Fawn a la Brooke

I'm Brooke. I like pictures of brick walls and shop windows. I am most often seen making inappropriate comments, fondling books, and cooing at cute stuff. If you constantly play with your phone while in my presence, there is a good chance I will despise you greatly. More



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