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Pop Culture Ode: Mermaids (1990)

Mermaids is so damn quirky I fail to notice if there is a moral to the story. Cher is so fabulous in this movie. Minus the whoring around, I think my mothering skills resemble that of her character Mrs. Flax:

Charlotte (Winona Ryder) : “Mrs. Flax doesn’t believe in ritual or tradition but I’ve wanted to repent since the first time I saw a girl with ashes on her forehead cross herself and chant Hail Mary’s at a spelling bee…..a word on Mrs. Flax and food, the word is h’orderves. Fun Finger Foods is her main source book and that’s all the woman cooks. Anything else she says it too much of a commitment.”

If it weren’t for the implied satirical humor, I would probably hate Winona Ryder’s whatever-the-60s-version-of-straight-edge-emo-was character. Thankfully, the lusty thoughts in her head save me from rolling my eyes at her. And isn’t little Christina Ricci the cutest person ever? On second thought I think the moral is: Make sure both your daughters are adorable and well-adjusted; otherwise your crappy daughter will get your adorable daughter drunk, then neglect her and almost have her killed while said older daughter is losing her virginity on the bell tower to the bus driver/maintenance guy who clearly has issues with life.


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