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This blog has become something else, somewhere else…

Hi Everyone,

I’m back to blogging on a regular basis (for now, haaaa). I bought a domain but my lazy butt is having blogger host it for free (and easy). My Little Fawn is now My Indie Charlotte.

I’m not possessive, in case you’re wondering why I’m all about the “My” in my blog names. I wanted just “” but that shit was taken (and it’s just parked. No, I did not to try to bid for it).

Anyway My Indie Charlotte is the same ol’ style, but a little less Brooke-serious, and way more community-oriented.

I’m trying to keep things positive and light on My Indie Charlotte.  I share my real shit with my favorite tree and other forest friends in a place never to been seen.


P.S. If you’re following my tumblr you may have seen a link for the tumblr version of My Indie Charlotte…which was basically My Indie Charlotte Version 1.0. There are just a couple posts on there and I’m moving them over to their new home soon…


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