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Favorite Places: Freedom Park

It was a perfect day at the park. I cannot wait until the trees start blooming though! Aisland was awake in her stroller cocoon (Oh Fair Skin Beb! How we must cover thee always!) as we walked around the lake but fell asleep as we made our way through the greenway to East Blvd. We sat outside Caribou as Joshua debated with himself about buying that damn condo in SouthPark we know belongs to us (it’s been on the market for more than a year and it has everything we need and want).

I’m so glad Aisland loves stroller adventures because there will be plenty of those with Mommy as the weather gets better! Staying inside 5 days a week is taking its toll on me…I need more Vitamin D!!


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Park Day, Yay!

Taken in '09-what a difference a year makes

The awful “Arctic Blast” has finally past and today we’re enjoying sunny, 60-degree weather. The boyfriend is off so we are going to attempt our first park adventure with the baby. Luckily, Aisland loves car rides and all sorts of movement so she should be amused. More importanly, it should quiet her fussing for a while. My poor little beb has been suffering from severe gas and while it can be funny to listen to her loud farts all day, it worries/breaks my heart to watch her squirm and fuss in discomfort. I’ve tried everything to calm her down but lately¬† the only thing that works is being walked (held) around our apartment. I think she just gets bored hanging around the same living room all day and needs more stimulation. Joshua said she’s “probably just a gypsy like her mother”, ha.

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My Little Fawn a la Brooke

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